Pedder Patter Pre-School

Making something yummy in our outdoor Kitchen at Pre-school
Pre-School Room
Sensory Writing Activity at Pre-School
Water Play at Pre-School

Early Learning Program

Our Early Learning program caters for children aged 4 and 5 and is run in the Early Learning facility at West Launceston Primary School. We deliver a fun and interesting play based program in a structured environment that helps prepare children for school. We also cater for Kindergarten children by providing a stimulating environment that differs to a traditional 3-5 year old room at a Child Care Centre. Our program is run by Georgie, a qualified Early Childhood teacher and Marlene, a Diploma qualified educator.

Spaces are filling up fast so please contact the office on 6344 9993 or email to to enquire about our program.



Early Learning Enrolment

Bookings are now being taken!

For more information, please phone our office on 6344 9993 or download the enrolment form from on our Pre-School tab.

Assessment and Rating

Pedder Patter Preschool has been awarded

Meeting National Quality Standard

under the National Quality Framework.

Benefits of our program include:

An enjoyable and busy program specifically for 4 and 5 year olds

On-site at a school with access to school grounds (e.g. library/hall/music room)

Open all year round with school hours sessions or long day sessions and holiday program during school holidays

Small group numbers for increased quality learning and care

Play based and inquiry learning under the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards

Qualified, caring and enthusiastic teachers and educators

Child Care Benefits and Rebates Available


A typical day at Pre-School….

8.30-9.00am Free play

9.00-10.15am Mat time and Outside play

10.15-12.30pm Structure play based learning

12.30-3.00pm Quiet time, structured and free play

Some of our learning topics and inquiry units have been Space, Dinosaurs, Around the World, People who help us, What colour is Autumn?, What happens to a caterpillar?, Going Buggy and A Beary Big Unit.

Pre-School Philosophy

We aim to provide a child centred, play and inquiry based program that helps children become ready for school. Our program nurtures children to become independent learners as well as becoming socially, physically and academically confident. We use the Early Years Learning Framework to provide high quality education in an interesting, enjoyable and safe learning environment. We value family beliefs and learning practices and are always working to ensure a strong collaboration between home and Pre-School. We value close relationships with all children and families and build strong connections through quality interactions every day.

We endorse and embrace Pedder Patter Child Care’s Philosophy of values and beliefs.


Some of our parents comments:

Both of my boys have participated in the Pre-School program at West Launceston Primary.  One of my boys is still there and I can say confidently that the program works on so many levels.  Firstly the kind of education they receive goes above and beyond what is delivered at a daycare and completely prepares the kids emotionally for school.  Secondly it has provided my kids with the fundamental skills for surviving kinder, listening to the teacher, sitting quietly on the mat and socializing with others.  All of these skills have made the transition between care and kindergarten seamless for my children.  Roxy and Marlene are wonderful, caring, nurturing providers that have instilled confidence and maturity in my children.  When I drop off my child at Pre-school I feel 100% confident they will be loved and cared for and for myself who believes in attachment parenting it is extremely comforting to know they are so well looked after. Both of my children have very different personalities and they have adapted to life outside of the home amazingly well thanks to Pedder Patter Pre-school!  I would really recommend it.
J Clark

We have been really impressed with Pre-School.  The programs are well planned and E always finds them engaging.  She is always excited to attend and we have always felt like the teachers there genuinely care about her and her well being.  Pre-School has helped E transition smoothly to Kinder and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
K & D Fish

Schedule of fees (as of 1st July 2018)

Pre-School session (8:30am – 3pm) $70.50 per day

Long Day Care session (8:30am – 5:30pm) $83.00 per day

Please note: we offer a 5% discount for children who attend 5 days a week on a continual basis.

We run two sessions at Pre-School. Your child can attend for the Pre-School session day which is 8:30am – 3pm or,
they can attend the Long Day Care session which is 8:30am – 5:30pm.

Pre-School is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm.